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According to Wikipedia:

Downtown Miami is an urban residential neighborhood, and the central business district of MiamiMiami-Dade County, and South Florida in the United StatesBrickell Avenue and Biscayne Boulevard are the main north-south roads, andFlagler Street is the main east-west road.

Commonly called simply Downtown, the area is a cultural, financial, and commercial center of South Florida, tracing its history back to the 19th century. In recent years, the area has grown to become the fastest-growing area in Miami. Downtown is home to many major museums, parks, schools and colleges, banks, courthouses, government offices, theaters, shops and historic buildings.”



Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, commonly called The Arsht Center, is Florida’s largest performing arts center and is located on Biscayne Boulevard in Downtown Miami’s Media and Entertainment District, Florida, United States. It is the third-largest performing arts center in the United States, after the Lincoln Center in New York City and the Denver Performing Arts Center in Denver.

The Center was partly built on the grounds of a former Burdines department store; it was an Art Deco building constructed in 1929, predating the Art Deco hotels on Ocean Drive. It was added to the United States National Register of Historic Places on August 8, 1997. However, by 2001, the only surviving part of the original structure was a seven-story tower built by Sears, the space’s successor. The department store space itself had been demolished. It was decided to preserve the tower and incorporate it into the new performing arts center.

The Arsht Center is the headquarters and home of the Florida Grand Opera, Miami City Ballet, and New World Symphony.

The Center’s grand opening took place on October 5, 2006 with many famous performers, politicians and movie stars attending, including Gloria Estefan, Jeb Bush, Andy Garcia and Bernadette Peters.

The Arsht Center is served by the Miami Metrorail at Government Center Station and directly by the Metromover’s Adrienne Arsht Center Station.


Margaret Pace Park

This eight-acre waterfront park is beautiful, spacious, lively, and welcoming. Located at 1745 North Bayshore Drive, (across the street from the 1800 Club Condo), is sure to become a hot-spot for active Miamians, and for those who like to stroll along and enjoy a picture-perfect day by Biscayne Bay.

Margaret Pace Park has something for everyone

You can enjoy many activities or just unwind and relax. The park has been transformed into a state-of-the-art park with many amenities:

• two tennis courts
• a basketball court
• two children’s soccer fields
• an adult soccer/cricket field
• a children’s playground
• a welcoming main entrance plaza
• new benches
• seven exercise stations
• a pedestrian walkway

Careful consideration was given to the park’s landscaping design. Coconut palms and native vegetation are now planted throughout the park to enhance the visitor’s experience. The New World School of the Arts constructed three art thrones to represent the diversity of the park’s surrounding neighbors.

Revitalizing Margaret Pace Park is another example of how the City of Miami isBonding Our Neighborhoods. The City of Miami, through a joint agreement with the Omni Advisory Board and the Omni Community Redevelopment Agency, made the project come to light. Funding for the $4 million regional park was made possible through the City of Miami’s Homeland Defense / Neighborhood Improvements initiative, the SAFE Neighborhoods Parks Trust for Public Land, a FIND (Florida Inland Navigational District) grant, Parks Impact Fees, and an advance from the Omni CRA funds.